B2B Sales & Marketing Professional

and Freelance Content Creator

About Us:

What was once a blog and passion project has now morphed into Making Made Simple LLC, a Digital Marketing Agency for Industrial Manufacturing and Technology companies and startups. All work is performed by Will Kruspe, a B2B Sales & Marketing professional who’s worked in a variety of roles and industries in the Manufacturing and Technology sectors.

About Will:

My love for mechanics began in the Automotive Industry where I learned what makes cars and trucks tick. Shortly after, I spent my postgraduate years working in the CNC, additive manufacturing, and CAD/CAE design Industries in various Sales and Marketing roles. Writing has always been my preferred form of expression, and this blog is my vehicle. Topics like 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Robotics, and Metal Fabrication are among a few manufacturing technologies I plan to shed light on.

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