Part 2: The “Alternative Route”

As a high school senior, I can vividly recall a huge influx of direct-mail flyers, emails, TV/social media ads, and other various outlets bombarding me with content for the “coolest” colleges in my area.

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Women in Welding – Paige’s Story (Part 1)

Often times one of the most difficult decisions for a high school student is when they are faced with choosing a path after finishing school. At this age, you are just starting to get a feel for what you like, and are typically just beginning to peek into what tangible skill sets you possess.

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Bridging the Skills Gap @ Long Beach City College

One topic I’ve briefly touched on in the past is the “skills gap” that exists within the manufacturing sector of the American workforce. Essentially, this gap is a shortage of industrial-trained workers between baby boomers and the younger, millennial/Gen Z generation.

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