How CNC Machining Has Transformed Automation in the Plasma Cutting Industry

Plasma cutting is an evolving industrial technology that’s become a staple workhorse of proven R&D and prototyping capital equipment

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How CNC Machining Has Transformed Automation In The Manufacturing Industry

CNC machining has made revolutionary strides over the past few decades. What started as manual machining during the Industrial Revolution

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Baker Industries: Invests in Giddings & Lewis CMM and PolyWorks Software

Winner of Modern Machine Shop’s Top Shop Award and aerospace/automotive manufacturer Baker Industries, a Lincoln Electric Company,

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Baker Industries: WHAT IS CNC MACHINING?

Virtually everything we use and consume every day has undergone CNC machining in some form or another. The cars we drive, the cell phones we use, changing things quite drastically. There was no longer a need for hard copy paper running into a machine.

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Throughout the years, machining has grown immensely and has become a standardized means of production for virtually every industry imaginable. What started as a labor-intensive process has transformed into a highly automated, sophisticated manufacturing process that can be run almost entirely without any human intervention, aside from the initial programming and setup.   TRAK Machine […]

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SainSmart Genmitsu 3018-MX3: Review the Specs

Once an industrial technology that was only used by machine and fabrication shops, manufacturing houses, and similar industrial settings, CNC machinery has matured over the years, allowing for mass adoption at the garage level.

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Maslow CNC Router Kit: Review the Specs

The Maslow CNC got its break on Kickstarter back in 2016, and can now be found milling and routing its way across large sheets of wood in garages, woodshops, and makerspaces the world over.

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Returning Where It All Started: Martin Manufacturing (Trunnion Table)

It wasn’t until my junior year of undergrad that I first learned about the fascinating world of industrial manufacturing at an internship with Martin Manufacturing in Elsmere, Kentucky. What once started out as a pain point for Stan’s machine shop, slowly became a technology

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Why CNC Machining?

Since the dawn of the US Industrial Revolution, conventional machining has become the “original” way to form metal into precise parts and geometries. Metal cutting machines served as a total means to production for the American labor force, especially at the height of both World War’s. Manual milling machines and manual engine lathes soon sprung […]

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