Why “Making Made Simple?”

The way we make things is rapidly evolving before our eyes. The speed of modern technological improvements is the main driving force behind the future of creating things. Between your neighbor's garage project to a fully automated factory floor...making parts will constantly adapt to more efficient and innovative methodologies. Industrial arts have the power to revolutionize industries, facilitate productivity, and inspire an infinite amount of creations to fuel the future. Making Made Simple is a platform for those that enjoy the craft and want to help evolve a community of #engineers #creators #manufacturers and #makers of all kinds.
For the average consumer #manufacturing is likely taken for granted, and often not thought of when using day to day products. If you think about your daily routine, all of these steps typically involve an item you purchased that was manufactured somewhere. From the toothbrush used in the morning, to the car that drives us to work, to the phone we stare at right before bed...manufacturing is all around us. A majority of us will throw away a product the minute it goes bad, and not think twice about it. The art of repairing, crafting, and making an object is simply forgotten about because we have services like Amazon to order products on demand.
I believe that making/manufacturing has not had the PR campaign that it deserves. There is very little information out there that shows how trade skills are faster/cheaper to obtain, while offering comparable starting salaries to that of a college grad. My purpose in creating this blog is ultimately to shed light on a wide array of topics from: how to's/DIY’s, #CNC manufacturing, #CAD, #Automation, #Additive and various other industry topics. If you have any interesting projects, parts, or designs you are proud of, please reach out to me!
The sheer amount of innovation, technological brilliance, and skilled work that is produced here in America is truly amazing. Work that will shape the world for many years to come and has the ability to start another tech revolution. Many notions of the industry are that these are “dirty jobs,” with little innovation or growth potential as a long-term career. I am here to tell you that a college degree is not the only way to “get ahead” and gain valuable skills. By going the “vocational route,” you will have skills to accelerate growth in the field, all while avoiding an enormous amount of debt.
In the current industrial world, there is a "Skills Gap" where there are far more technical/skilled positions than there are motivated, young people to fill them. Through Making Made Simple, I hope to educate the current and future makers of the world by showcasing the creations of those who enjoy working with their hands. The rush one gets from making an object with their hands is truly unmatched. Anyone who has made something before knows the sensation of accomplishment once that item is finished and assembled.
Though I have just been in the industry for a few years now, I have seen first-hand just how transformative this type of sensation can be to the creative mind. I have spoken to so many people out there on the shop floor, in the classroom, and in #makerspaces all across the US #making it happen. I have already hit the ground running with delivering planned content with various makers here in Southern California, telling their story of what they make. Ultimately, I hope to work with people all across the nation to help promote their work and inspire anyone interested in the realm of industrial manufacturing.
My hope is to create a collaborative platform for thinkers and doers, but I realize that this is not something I can accomplish on my own. Any and all comments, suggestions, or, future topics are welcomed with open arms….I value any and all feedback!

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